REDEFIX is a pioneer enterprise dedicated to protecting Children and Pets in high rise condominiums and swimming pool from unforeseen accidents. 
Using a high quality Netting System 100% virgin, high density polyethylene especially treated to resist the suns’ ultraviolet rays.


for Children and Pets 

Netting Systems Applications

Pools, Backyards 
Windows, Stairs 
Soccer Basketball Football Golf field


Years Protecting Children and Pets


Installations (homes, industries, schools,etc)


Year Warranty
*3 year for swimming pool.

Birds Control Netting

Quality Management System
Netting Systems Installation  - Quality Management 
Our main goal is to garantee that Children and Pets are Protected on the Instalattions of the Netting Systems following the Brazilian Association Tecnical Standand ABNT NBR 16046-1:2012.

The REDEDFIX-s founder is proud to be the ABNT NBR 16046-1:2012´s coordinator .

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+55 15 3231 5493

+55 15 3346 1233

+55 15 97401 1585

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677 Francisca de Queiroz Street

Sorocaba,  SP 18040-325  - Brazil 

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