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The REDEFIX´s Instalattions of the Netting Systems follows the Brazilian Association Tecnical Standand ABNT NBR 16046-1:2012.

All services are performed following or exceeding all current rules and regulations for the protection and Our installers are trained by REDEFIX in the standard installation techniques. 

REDEFIX provides its clients with a FIVE year limited warranty and a free annual inspection upon request. If the netting must be removed and re-installed within this period due to painting or for other reasons, our installers are the only qualified professionals to do so. 


The perimeter is drilled at regular intervals for placement of anchors and hooks.  The cord is woven throughout the netting and attached to the  hooks, with a technique to ensure that Netting will resist a 1100p pounds/sqm.

The installed netting is almost invisible to see from a distance and does not disturb the clients view or the look of your building.

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